Software Development

We design and implement software applications for Embedded Arm Cortex M systems, Remote Sensors, Industrial Controllers, Mobile Applications using IOS, Android, Windows Embedded and Windows Desktop applications.

  • Arm Cortex based software development
  • Industrial Controllers and IOT development
  • Embedded Touch Screen based GUI controllers.
  • Mobile Device Applications, IOS, Android and Win 10
  • Windows .Net C# Desktop Applications
  • Micro Framework .Net - Porting and Application development
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32 bit Arm Cortex M
M0/M0+, M3,M4, M7 based applications. CMSIS and low level driver design, RTOS based designs.
Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, USB host and device, File Systems, Graphics GUI, SPI, I2C, Serial.
Messaging protocols such as MQTT, ModBus, DMX512, Subscription/Publication protocols.
Analog and Digital I/O, Power Control.

Low Power Remote Sensors, Bluetooth 'beacons', IOT Cloud connections, Home Automation, Process Control, Remote Monitoring, Transport Systems, Vehicle Monitoring, Robotics, Motion Control

Microsoft Micro Framework.Net
Microframework.Net Porting for Cortex M4 and M7. Custom ports and low level native drivers, with 'managed' interfaces into the CLR.
Ethernet,Wifi, USB, File System and Bluetooth low level drivers
Managed Applications and library assemblies

Mobile Device And Desktop

Mobile Device Applications
Connect too and control your embedded controller or IOT sensors from an IOS or Android mobile device.
IOS, Android, Win 10 IOT, Windows Embedded. Remote connection applications over Wifi or Bluetooth to IOT Devices and Embedded controllers.
Control applications for Embedded Android boards.

Windows 10 Desktop
Windows 10 .Net C# Desktop control applications, remote access to Embedded controllers using Bluetooth, USB and TCP/IP, Cloud Routing Bridging applications ( Bluetooth/TCP/IP etc).

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