Hardware Design

Analog and digital design of embedded controllers and devices. We are experienced in all aspects of hardware design for 'Industrial' controllers. We specialise in Arm Cortex based processor design and interfacing to the required peripheral devices to implement your embedded design.

Our schematic capture CAD tools allow embedding design information for PCB layout, parts BOM ( Bill Of Material) data to be embedded into the design and extensive error checking before PCB Netlists are generated, reducing errors and easy generation of production documentation.

  • ARM Cortex M0/M0+, M3, M4 and M7 Processors
  • USB Device and Host design
  • File Systems, Flash, SD Card and USB
  • Ethernet, WIFI and low frequency based Wireless Comms
  • BlueTooth Classic and Bluetooth LE
  • Low power remote Sensors
  • Industrial I/O and Serial Communications
  • Precision Analog Sensor inputs
  • IOT Designs
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