About Sytech Designs

Sytech Designs Offers complete services to enable you to get your product from concept to reality in the shortest possible time, at a low cost.
We offer a full range of services from system architectural design, hardware design, prototype and low volume SMT assembly to application software development.

Based in Southampton, England. We have been supplying solutions to customers across Europe and the USA since 1994.

We have over 20 years experience of all aspects of hardware design, assembly and a wide range of software development skills.
We work with our customers to turn their concepts into reality.
We specialise in Embedded Industrial Controllers and IOT solutions.

Using our in house SMT assembly facilities, allows us to provide fast build times for prototypes and keep costs down. Low volume projects are not a problem.

We offer 'proof of concept' and R&D services for Entrepreneurs and small companies to develop their ideas into reality.

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