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Bring your Gadgeteer designs to life fast with the small footprint, low cost NANO Gadgeteer main board. Fast 200 Mhz ARM 9 processor, 8 MByte DRAM, 8 MByte FLASH, on board Touch Controller and Open Source Micro Framework Port firmware.

Small foot print, only 57mm x 42mm. 10 Gadgeteer sockets.

Fast 200Mhz ARM 9 processor - make your graphics applications fly.

 USB Device, GPIO, I2C ( x 3), SPI (x 2), UART ( x2), Touch, LCD and manufacturer Ethernet and SD.

Boot up configuration settings via a 4 position dip switch. Boot into normal CLR, Tiny Booter or native Serial Bootloader. Use boot options with our USB Deploy and Tools application, for simple firmware refalshing and configuration.

Set debug channel to USB or Serial.

Debug LED and RESET switch.

The Micro Framework port for the NANO is Open Source. It will compile under free GCC tools, allowing you to use native interop functions and add native driver functions not normally supported. See our tech support site for all the tutorials and examples to get you up and running with using GCC for porting, on the NANO.

Micro framework Version 4.1 Device ( 4.2 soon)

  • Freescale ARM920T at 200MHz
  • 8MBytes SDRAM
  • 8MBytes Flash
  • application download and debug
  • 2 Serial Ports with handshake
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • On board Touch Controller
  • Ethernet and Micro SD expansion board
  • NANO runs on single 3V3 supply.


The NANO board supports version 4.1 of the .NET Micro Framework, 4.2 will be available shortly after the offical Microsoft release. An Open Source  Board Support Package (BSP) for use with the Porting Kit is available.

 Nano Panel
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